Monday, April 22, 2013

Pictures of Some of My Favorite Dancers & Singers!

Michael Jackson's Move!

This picture was taken by my close friend Blanca De La Cruz. She is a great photograpgher. She will be taking pictures of me dancing in the future! In this photo I was doing Michael's favorite dance move. I'm not doing it as he would do it, but I put my own style to it. Michael Jackson on the other hand has his unque side of style and movement! His my inspiration of dance! I will always be his biggest fan of his work! I love Michael Jackson! Soon to come I'll show you more about Michael Jackson's work that I adore so much! Hope you like this picture.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chachi Gonzales!

Chachi Gonzales! She is a member of I aM mE Crew! She is a great dancer/choreogragher. She is just 17 years old that has her own private dance classes. I would love to do that when I get professional. She has inspired me to keep dancing no matter what. Instead of having dance classes I might as well start putting youtube videos of my choreography. I think I should start from their. She has a great sense of style in dance and clothing. Her moves are very unique. Her boyfriend Ian Eastwood both have a similar style of dance, but she like to be a little looser then him. She like to use her whole body to move with the music. Knowing that she has started dancing in a young age makes me feel like I should teach younger children that want to learn but can't afford to take a dance class. I was young child that would love to take a dance class to know more but couldn't afford. I'm going to start my own dance class in the summer. Not sure how, but I will be motivated to do so when watching Chachi dance and teach her classmates. I will teach them what I know and hope they can learn something from me. Chachi is a great example for the young teenagers that would like to be a dancer. We can start from the bottom and work ourselves to the top. Youtube has great videos of Chachi dancing some of her choreography. Look her up, she great!

I love this picture of her. Anyone can do this if you believe in yourself. I'm still practicing but I'll get there! Dance with your heart not your Mind! Feel the movements of your body. Express yourself! Chachi Gonzales! Love Her!

I aM mE Crew!

This is I aM mE Crew! They are the MTV's American's Best Dance Crew (ABDC) season 6 champions. They are from different places and the became a crew. They are also great friends that have a passion of dance.They all have different type of dance styles. When they dance together they are amazing. When I saw them competing the other dance crews in ABDC I thought they would win. They have a great sense of style and they way they move motivates me to dance and never give up. My dream is to be a professional dancer. If not that I would love to be a dance professor at Utah Valley University like my hip hop professor. I aM mE has that flavor that I want to put in my dance routines. I'm a fan of theirs and will keep dancing to accomplish my goals to dance. If you would like to see or know more about them just look them up on or youtube. I recommend to watch ABDC season 6 to see how good they are and how they won at the end. InspireMotivateEnergize I aM mE Crew! Check them Out!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Video That Made My Body Shake! Great Emotion Dancing!

This video was shown to me by a Friend. Her name is Princess Garibay. She is one of the best dancers I know from my high school. When she told me about Ian Eastwood (the Choreographer/Dancer of this video) I was thinking of a young guy that likes to dance for fun and has a lot of hip hop choreo's. I was wrong he is a member in Mos Wanted crew. He is a great dancer. His dancing has an unique style to it. The girl that is dancing next to him is his girlfriend as known as Chachi Gonzales. She is a member of I aM mE Crew. She is one of my favorite Dancers/Choreographer. If you have time or would like to see more of their choreography, just look them up on youtube type their full name and pick the videos you would like to watch. Their are great! I will be talking more about Chachi Gonzales later. This is more Emotional dancing. The song is by Justin Bieber - Fall. I love his music as well. I hope you enjoy watch it like I did!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pictures of Dancers!

I Want To Dance Like You!

This is Ciara. She is a r&b, hip hop, pop, and dance. She is one of my favorite choreographer and dancer. I love her music. When I was 12, I wanted to dance just like her. Her music videos had the best choreography that I would always wanted to learn. I would watch her music videos instead of doing my homework. I loved how she uses her own style in her dance moves. I will be filming myself dance one of her songs. Its called Promise. You guys should look it up and listen to it. Its a great song. Hopefullying I can post it soon. She is a great person in singing and dance. She helped me keep dancing and to never give up with I love to do. Ciara Princess Harris is her full name. I love her. I also with be posting other choreographers and dancers that I enjoy watching and learn. Keep Your Head Up and Dance!